Clifftop Yoga

Get insider knowledge and cutting edge information to help you achieve your dreams of success and freedom!


We apply maximum effort into living a lifestyle of faith-driven independence. As a consultancy we communicate with great transparency and tremendous integrity!


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Researching and Writing

We believe in the investment and application of education. With effective time management, diligent research, and resourceful innovation, we bring great value to this walk of life. With a passion for prayerful time in relationship with the Most High, bible education, business entrepreneurship, research and personal relationships; We strive to share our experiences, offer opportunities and connect with others while exemplifying faith-driven living. 


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We believe building a legacy means living an example that will impact our family, and other individuals around the world.

When blessed with different circumstances and opportunities, we share these lessons to extend our ability to serve and impact others!


As believers, we walk in committed to our Creator by obeying His commands and serving others; desiring to excel the quality of life for those around us. 


Reach the Top

We value authenticity and treasure making memories. Our materials are generated with the intention of providing other like-minded people with motivational and energizing content.


We strive to be creative in our methods of communication and correspondence so we can provide an unforgettable user experience.


Holding Hands

We esteem the Word as the foundation for everything that we do. Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus) said the greatest commandments were to Love Elohim (God) and to love others.

We conduct ourselves with authentic spiritual integrity to help others achieve greatness and glorify our Creator.

We cherish our commitment to each other as called-out members of the body of Messiah.

Let us experience this journey together!