Clocking the Time

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It's been said that everyone has the same 24-hours in a day and what separates us is how that time is used. While no one is guaranteed the promise of tomorrow, some view this statement in two polarizing ways.

One view is to apply each moment given in one's life to impact the world, and those in it, in a beneficial manner for the tomorrows that are given and will be experienced. The opposing view is to take each moment afforded in one's life to gain the most pleasure possible within the control of the individual in case tomorrow never comes.

The first view acknowledges life and seeks to add to it with a thankful heart for the opportunity to taste it during the time of building.

The second view focuses on limitations of life and clings unto death while wringing dry the last drop of water visible in the well, not willing to consider possibilities of adding more water because someone else may come along and drink it.

The reality between these two views is that we live the life we choose, and the only limitations we experience in it, are those that we create ourselves.

Life or Death; What will the time read on the clock you're holding?

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