Parable of the Sower

As the only parable given by Messiah that begins with the command to listen, Parable of The Sower is our children's ministry; made as a resource to train ears to hear and eyes to see so that the hearts of our young would understand the Word of the Creator and how to rule in His Kingdom!

In this parable that Messiah tells, the sower sows the word and there are four different outcomes:

The first outcome describes those who the word is stolen from immediately upon hearing it.

The second outcome describes those who hear the word and immediately receive it with joy, but have no root within to keep it. When hard times come to test their ability to apply the word they received, they become offended and lose the word.

The third example of the parable describes those who hear the word but the cares of the world, trickery of riches and the lust of desires choke their understanding so they do not produce fruit from the word that was sown.

The fourth and final outcome described in this parable of Messiah represents those who hear, receive, understand and bear fruit with the Word of the Creator and their efforts are multiplied exponentially.

This final example is the model we want to promote for the youth of our communities to be successful in experiencing! We endeavor to plant our sons and daughters as little seeds of righteousness in the Kingdom of the Most High and to water those seeds to grow deep roots in a firm foundation of faith; that they might continue to pass on the blessings of the Most High and multiply them throughout our society for generations to come.

By providing various resources that can be applied in support of the full duration of childhood, we aim support the development of generational grandeur in the families across our society.

We believe in the intentional investment of sowing wisdom into our children, teaching vital skills to young believers that hold the promises of the future, and want to empower you to dare to do the same.