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Do you dream of achieving greatness in your life?

Ever analyze the legacy you're building or consider how it impacts your family? How about your community?


Given Grace Consultancy is a Christian Nonprofit Corporation focused on identifying and meeting the needs of others through the love of Jesus Christ.


In a global society filled with poverty and despair, we partner with other individuals and entities to problem solve and deliver innovative and resourceful solutions to improve our environment and the atmosphere of those around us.

Our consultancy is a lighthouse to others; invested in business entrepreneurship, education, research, bible college and relationship; we strive to share our experiences, offer opportunities and connect with others while exemplifying Christian living.



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Advance the Kingdom of God by zealously embracing His Divine plan for our lives.

We submit ourselves as dedicated disciples actively seeking the work of the Lord.




We esteem the Word of God as the foundation for everything we do.

We regard prayer and deep study as fundamental for a strong spiritual life.

We show generosity by giving back in our business and serving God in the way that we serve others.

We endeavor to express the spirit of excellence in our lives.

We believe in actively investing ourselves in the services in which we provide consultation.

We strive to demonstrate diversity throughout every ministerial work.

We cherish our commitment to each other as members of God’s family.

We value personal growth and development to overcome in life both individually and corporately.


We connect to people by modeling the lifestyle of Christ, Jesus.

We provide opportunities to learn God’s principles through edification and mentoring.

We serve and pray for people as God changes their hearts.

We help identify, train and develop gifts, including but not limited to: spiritual, emotional, psychological, financial, physical, social and professional gifts to enable others in our reproducible walk.

We strive to impact the benefit others' lives and conduct our business with authentic spiritual integrity to achieve greatness and glorify God.

We equip one another to go and to share the good things God has done.


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