Beginning the Journey - The Kingdom Within (GivenGrace Consultancy Welcome)

Many people spend all their lives asking simple questions, yet never arriving to the answer of:

What are we here for?

Where did we come from?

Questions that have boggled countless minds.

If you ask a bird of its purpose he'll sing you a song.

He'll sing you this song whether you ask him this question or not.

It's one of the most important things that he was made to do.

The bird is not taught this nor instructed.

So how does the bird sing?

What provokes his breast to become inflamed with such daring song?

What brings forth his voice within before he's even discovered it?

And what propels him into the continuality of singing upon waking each morning?

There's so much we can glean from the things in creation; beauty and wisdom paralleled...if we would only dare to observe and witness the glory that's hidden within.

You see observing what's been created --what's been formed all around us unlocks truth within our own selves...our vessels...our hearts.

I'm so excited you've chosen to join me on this journey of understanding life and how to experience life in all its splendor with great abundance!


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