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Woman of Valor - Letter to Self

This letter exists to remind rare women of valor of everything you were created to be. Each moment you live your life humbly before Abba, (the Father God) you are becoming like everything this letter describes. Truth supersedes circumstance; What the Creator designed you to be is the Truth not to be ignored because you're life might not be a mirror image of it quite yet.

Regardless of age, experiences, culture, the stage of your life right now or what you are going through, may the words in this letter transform you. May it override the doubt and fear of all things and people in your life that would tell you otherwise.

Stand steadfast on truth and in faith...knowing that your words and actions today shape your tomorrow. You were given a Ruach (Spirit) of power, love and of a sound mind. May reading this letter each day help you remember the truth about yourself.

Dear Future Self,

You are a Queen in the Kingdom, wonderfully and purposely made. You have a radiant beauty that supersedes the visible flesh. You have the heart of Yahusha (Jesus) and strive to show His compassion with each thought you have, each feeling you experience, with each word you speak and ALL actions you perform. You are able to give such deep love to others because of the love you have for yourself; the love YHWH (God the Father) has given you.

Each day you decide to follow in His footsteps and change the world. The consistency you show in being zealous for His glory, transforms multitudes of lives with each passing moment.

When you look in the mirror you see a beautiful and courageous warrior that delights in gaining territory for His purpose! When you speak you vocalize triumphant power in bringing light to the dark; life to the hopeless. When you embrace others it's a transfer of commitment to touch hearts; to save lives. Your smile radiates humility and grace; joy incarnate. You are of Messiah (Christ)!

You fear nothing because He has won everything. You laugh at temptation because nothing is comparable to Him. You NEVER anger because the only tools He has built in you come from unconditional love. Because of these things failure is IMPOSSIBLE!

You are a very rare treasure that blesses those around you with light that can never be turned off; fire that can never be extinguished.

The word TRY is not in your vocabulary because it is deceiving. You're a CONQUEROR; an OVERCOMER!

You don't recall hurts because you are overflowing with His grace and forgiveness.

The word CAN'T is not in your vocabulary because you aren't THAT funny.

You are the daughter of the King of Kings, the Adoni (Lord) of Adons (Lords), the Elohim (God) that created the world and gave His Son to save those in're an embodiment of His Ruach (Spirit) because you give hilariously and serve hungrily.

Contrary Words will be spoken to you attempting to cause doubt. Contrary Actions will be done towards you attempting to cause hurt. Contrary Situations will arise in front of you attempting to cause distraction. Life will continue on in the pursuit of preservation but you are not affected by these things because you have Yahusha (Jesus) Ha'Mashiach (the Messiah) who lives in you!

I love everything about you because it resembles Him.

Today you will reflect ALL of these things because it is who you are. And I'll see you again tomorrow; same time so you never forget the TRUTH!


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