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Who Am I...Divine Identity of a Servant

I am fearfully and wonderfully made {Psalm 139:14}. I have Elohim (God) Himself {Psalm 18:3}. I call upon Adoni (the Lord) and pray in His NAM {John 14:13}.

Created in the very image of Elohim (God) {Genesis 1:27}, and overflowing with the Love of Adoni (the Lord) {1 Timothy 1:14}, I choose to love Elohim (God) and show His love to others {Matthew 22:37-40}.

I am chosen to be set apart unto Adoni (the Lord) {Deuteronomy 14:2}, which gives me peace that surpasses understanding {Philippians 4:6-7}; I praise Adoni (the Lord) {Psalm 106:1}.

For I am a child of Elohim (God) {Galatians 3:26}. I live in comfort and menuchah (rest) {Psalm 23}. I will suffer and be glorified with Mashiach Yeshua (Christ Jesus) {Romans 8:17}.

I have been saved and redeemed {Colossians 1:13-14}, for I have been covered in righteousness {Isaiah 61:10}; always believing in His good work {Philippians 1:6}.

As a NEW creation {2 Corinthians 5:17}, I have a new and pure heart {Hebrews 8:10}. I honor Mashiach Yeshua (Christ Jesus) which is to die to myself {Romans 8:36}.

As salt of the earth, light of the world {Matthew 5:13-14}, I have the law of Elohim (God) written on me {Hebrews 10:16}; I walk with Adoni (the Lord) in holiness {Isaiah 35:8-10} and will be perfect {Matthew 5:48}.

I am more than a conqueror in Mashiach Yeshua (Christ Jesus) {Romans 8:37}. I grow in every spiritual blessing {Ephesians 1:3-6}, as an overcomer {1 John 5:4}.

For I am a member of His body {Ephesians 5:30}, because I am empowered by the strength of Elohim (God) {1 Corinthians 4:20}; with His strength {Psalm 28:7} I have been justified {Romans 8:30} and endowed in mercy {Psalm 89:14-38}. I will run the race as His ambassador {2 Corinthians 5:20}. For I have a future and a hope {Jeremiah 29:11} to welcome others into {2 Timothy 2:2}.

I am sealed {Ephesians 1:13}, because the Ruach Ha'Kodesh (Holy Spirit) dwells in me {1 Corinthians 3:16}. As I walk in His Ruach (Spirit) {Galatians 5:16}, as a prophet {Romans 12:1}, eternal life is given to me {Romans 6:23} and I bear the fruit of the Holy Eternal One {John 15:8}.

Knowing Elohim (God) and approving His will {Romans 12:2}, I reign in the inheritance of Mashiach Yeshua (Christ Jesus) {Romans 8:17}; seeking Elohim(God) and knowing Him {Jeremiah 29:13}.

Who am I? His servant am I.

I AM...

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Created in the very image of the Most High

Chosen to be set apart

A child of the Almighty

Saved and redeemed

A new creation

Salt of the earth

Light of the world

More than a conqueror

A member of the body of Messiah


An ambassador of Messiah


A Prophet

Knowing my Father, who lives in Heaven, and approving His will


Elohim (God) himself

The LOVE of Adoni (the Lord)

Peace that surpasses the understanding of men

Comfort and rest

A robe of righteousness

A new PURE heart

Elohim's (God's) law written on me

Every spiritual blessing

The strength (power) of the living Creator

The mercy of the Almighty

A future and a hope

The Ruach Ha'Kodesh (Holy Spirit) that raised Messiah from the dead

Eternal Life

The authority and inheritance of Messiah


Call upon Adoni (the Lord) and pray in His NAME...YHWH

Love Elohim (God) and to love my neighbor

Praise Adoni (the Lord)

Suffer and be glorified with Messiah

Believe in His good work

Honor Messiah and die to myself daily

Walk with Adoni (the Lord) in holiness

Be made perfect


Receive the strength of Adoni (the Lord)

Run the race set before me

Welcome others into the body

Walk in the Ruach Ha'Kodesh (Spirit of the Holy One)

Bear Fruit

Seek Elohim (God) and KNOW Him


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