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Redeemed - The Chosen Ones (Inspirational Story of Faith)

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

I'm walking in shadows

My flesh is laid bare

I'm crippled, my heart aches

My's starting to tear

In millions of pieces

Lie my shattered dreams

Nothing in this world

Really is as it seems

In darkness they hide

Terrorizing my mind

Resurfacing the beautiful dreams

That I've left behind

All of those moments

Of power...and love

Have been replaced by what I've chosen

Taken by what I've done

I surrendered my rights

When I decided to bow

There's nothing in this world

That can save me now

They have the authority

Every legal right

To taunt me...and torture even take my life

I'm realizing I chose this

Even knowing what could come

And there's nothing that I hold

That can undo what I've done

These are my final moments

I see the end drawing near

.....Wait.....what is that?

I can....sense something

It's something...I hear

It's a voice from my past

It sounds familiar and it's kind

This voice it's saying: I am HIS

And: HE is mine

What's happening?

The chains around my neck

They're falling to the ground

My torturers...they're fleeing

Nowhere to be found

This voice it just saved me

It's a Man...he's coming into my view

HE's giving me healing

Everything is becoming new

There's a robe I'm now wearing

It's glimmering white

It's covering me and cleansing

It's giving me life

The man that saved me

HE says: I love you my child

Now you've been made whole

You are my chosen

Believe it is so

You must go out to tell others

Who are falling like you

Go to those who do not know ME

And those who forgot what to do

Here...wear MY armor

Hold MY words tight

Now have MY victory

I've given you LIFE

Go into the world

Give others the TRUTH

Tell them: I AM coming

Like I came for you

The enemy has trapped them

but if you Fight in MY NAME

Their shackles will fall

All the guilt and the shame

This war that is raging

Still has battles to come

Know that I will be with you

For I AM God's Son

Remember you are separate

You've been bought with a price

I've paid your penalty

So that you could have MY light

Now take it to others

They are dying and must live

You have freely received this

Now go...

Freely GIVE


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