Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Walking in shadows

My flesh laid bare

Crippling heartaches

My soul starting to tear

In millions of pieces

Lie shatters of dreams

Nothing in this world

Really is as it seems

In darkness they hide and

Terrorize my mind

Resurfacing all the beautiful dreams

I left behind

All of those moments

Of Power...of Love

Because of what I've chosen

Because of what I've done

I surrendered my rights

When I decided to bow

There's nothing in this world

That can save me now

They have the authority

Every legal right

To taunt me and to torture

To even take my life

I realize I chose this

Even knowing what could come

There's nothing that I hold

That can undo what's been done

In my final moments

As I see my end drawing near

Suddenly I sense something

It's something that I hear

A voice from my past

Familiar and kind

Saying that I am HIS

And that HE is mine

The chains around my neck

Fall to the ground

My torturers vanquished

Nowhere to be found

This voice that has saved me

Comes into my view

HE gives me a wholeness

Makes everything new

A robe I'm now wearing

Glimmering white

It covers and cleanses

Giving me everlasting life

I love you and chose you the man says

Believe it is so

You are MY child

Now I need YOU to go

For there are others

Falling like you

Some do not know ME

Some have forgotten what to do

Here...take MY armor

Hold MY words tight

You have MY victory

You have MY life

Go out in the world

Tell others the truth

Tell them I AM coming

Like I came for you

Fight in MY name

In this battle that has come

Know that I will be with you

For I AM God's Son

Remember you are separate

Bought with a price

I paid your penalty

So you could have MY light

Go take it to others

That are they can live

This you've freely received

Now go...freely give

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